Challenge 1: My Introduction - Beginner level

The goal of this project is to introduce yourself to your classmates in scratch.

In this lesson, you are encouraged to explore various blocks:

  1. Create a new project, giving it a title such as, "my introduction in scratch".

    the create button is located on the upper left-hand side of the navigation menu

  2. note: if starting from an existing project, it should be in "My Stuff"

  3. Every new project starts with the default "Sprite1" sprite, delete it.
  4. to delete the sprite, click on the X inside the sprite

  5. Choose a backdrop for your project to personalize it.
  6. the "Choose a Backdrop" is located on the lower right-hand side underneath the Stage controls

  7. Start by painting a picture of yourself in the Paint studio.
  8. The image you paint will become your sprite in the project.

  9. After you finish your self portrait painting, start adding some code to your project. "when flag clicked" found under "Events".
    • Drag your self-portrait to its starting position in your Stage
    • Find the "hide" block under the Looks blocks, and place it underneath the "when flag clicked" block
    • Find the "go to x: y:" block under the "Motion" category and place it under the "hide" block
    • Find the "wait" block under the "Control" category and put it under the "go to x: y:" block
    • Find the "show" block under the "Motion" category and put it under the "wait" block
    • Finally, drag your letter where you want it to glide to on the Stage by placing the "glide secs to x: y:" block

    Here's what the script should look like. Run it by clicking on the green flag to make sure it does what you want.

Bonus points

  1. Figure out how to make your background change.
  2. Figure out how to move your sprite (self-portrait) around the stage.