Assignment 3: Implement text to speech - Intermediate level

The goal of this lesson is to show how the Text to Speech extension works.

In this lesson, you will learn about the text to speech extension and how to implement it into a scratch project.

  1. Create a new project, and give it a title such as, "text to speech".

    the create button is found on the upper left side of the navigation menu

  2. note: if starting from an existing project, it should be in "My Stuff"

  3. Every new project starts with the default "Sprite1" sprite, delete it.
  4. to delete the sprite, click on the X

  5. Pick a sprite from the library that you will make speak.

    hover over and click on "Choose a Sprite"

  6. Start building the script by using the following script as your starting point.
  7. Pick another sprite - this sprite will appear when you type in its name.
    • drag it somewhere in your stage
    • use the following script to have your sprite appear when you type in its name

Bonus points

  1. Add more sprites to your project when you type in their name.