Assignment 2: A mazed escape - Intermediate level

The goal of this project is to create a maze game allowing a sprite to navigate it from a starting point all the way to the end.

In this lesson, you will learn about and integrate into your maze the following blocks:

  1. Create a new project, and give it a title such as, "a mazed escape".

    the create button is found on the upper left side of the navigation menu

  2. note: if starting from an existing project, it should be in "My Stuff"

  3. Every new project starts with the default "Sprite1" sprite, delete it.
  4. to delete the sprite, click on the X

  5. Start by selecting a blank backdrop.

    hover over the "Choose a Backdrop" and click on "Paint"

  6. Use the paint studio to draw your maze, have a start and ending to it.

    use the paint brush or the rectangle or the circle to help create your maze

    • experiment with the various paint tools, like the eraser and the paintbrush
    • if there's something you don't like, erase it or undo it
  7. Pick a sprite to navigate your maze from the sprite library.

    hover over and click on "Choose a Sprite"

  8. Place your sprite at the beginning of your maze.
    • change its size from 100 to maybe 25 or 50 so it can move freely in your maze
    • your x and y numbers will not be the same
  9. Start building the script allowing your sprite to have movement.
    • use the up arrow to move up
    • use the down arrow to move down
    • use the right arrow to move to the right
    • use the left arrow to move to the right
  10. Pick another sprite - this sprite will act as the end of your maze.
    • drag it to the end of your maze
    • use the following script as the example to end your maze

Bonus points

  1. Add an introduction page to your maze game.
  2. Integrate sound into your maze to make it more interesting as your navigate it.
  3. How might you consider adding points to your game or subtracting them?