Assignment 1: Animate my name - Beginner level

The goal of this project is to animate your name (and as time permits, your middle and last name too).

In this lesson, you will be exploring the following block categories:

  1. Create a new project, and type in a project name such as, "animate my name".

    the create button is located on the upper left-hand side of the navigation menu

  2. note: if starting from an existing project, it should be in "My Stuff"

  3. Every new project starts with the default "Sprite1" sprite, delete it.
  4. to delete the sprite, click on the trash can icon

  5. Pick a backdrop for your project to personalize it.
  6. the "Choose a Backdrop" is located on the lower right-hand side underneath the Stage controls

  7. Pick your first sprite which will be the first letter of your name from the sprite library, scrolling way down until you start seeing letters.
  8. Start adding code blocks to your first letter sprite by dragging them into the code section. Start with the "when flag clicked" found under "Events".
    • Drag the letter to its starting position in your Stage
    • Find the "hide" block under the Looks blocks, and place it underneath the "when flag clicked" block
    • Find the "go to x: y:" block under the "Motion" category and place it under the "hide" block
    • Find the "wait" block under the "Control" category and put it under the "go to x: y:" block
    • Find the "show" block under the "Motion" category and put it under the "wait" block
    • Finally, drag your letter where you want it to glide to on the Stage by placing the "glide secs to x: y:" block

    Here's what the script should look like. Run it by clicking on the green flag to make sure it does what you want.

  9. Repeat step 5. for the remaining letters of your name.
  10. Think about what your script is doing. There is a wait block with a default of 1 second.
    As more letters are added, the wait block's value will need to be increased so the letters
    appear one at a time. Increase the value by 1 or 2 for each letter, that way one letter appears
    one the stage at a time.

Bonus points

  1. Figure out how to make your letters dissappear one at a time after your name is completely spelled out.
  2. Figure out how to integrate sound into your project one letter at a time as they appear or glide to their final position on the stage.